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Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Everyone has unique living arrangement needs from time to time. A business person may be on-the-go and traveling monthly to different locations. A family could have been displaced by a natural disaster. A home seller may have sold a property before being able to purchase another one.

These situations are commonplace and require temporary housing. While a hotel or an Airbnb can provide adequate shelter for a few nights, they do not offer the extraordinary benefits of serviced apartments. In fact, serviced apartments, sometimes referred to as corporate housing or furnished apartments, have tremendous advantages for people who need stays of a month or longer.

What Is a Serviced Apartment?

Before diving into the positive aspects of serviced apartments, it may be wise to outline what a serviced apartment is.

A serviced apartment is a rented space that has been earmarked specifically for individuals, families and groups in need of short-term or long-term temporary housing. Unlike a hotel, the apartment has been designed to feel more like a home.

At Hilled Land, our serviced apartments in Houston and The Woodlands, TX are located in beautiful apartment buildings. We only work with the best apartment communities which provides our renters with a higher quality of living.

Serviced Apartment Benefit #1: A Fully Furnished Living Space

Forget about trying to get comfortable in a room with only a functional bed, nightstand, dresser, desk and chair. Serviced apartments are decorated to look like regular homes.

From pleasant artwork and high-quality flooring, to a gourmet kitchen stocked with appliances, utensils, cookware and more, serviced apartments are move-in ready. All someone has to do is walk in the door, unpack their clothes and relax.

Serviced Apartment Benefit #2: Being Able to Bring Pets

Some travelers, even business professionals, like to bring pets when they move for short-term work assignments. As long as the pets fit the apartment community's guidelines, they are welcomed like family.

Having a furry friend takes the stress out of constantly relocating. Plus, having a serviced apartment complete with walking trails and green spaces provides a great opportunity for both human and canine exercise.

Serviced Apartment Benefit #3: Housekeeping Services

Although a few people enjoy the act of cleaning an apartment, most are too busy to worry about changing linens or scrubbing sinks. At a serviced apartment, a team of cleaners comes into the space on a regular basis to do a little housekeeping.

Not only does routine cleaning keep the apartment looking great and smelling fresh, but it adds to the overall comfort level and ambiance of the space.

Serviced Apartment Benefit #4: All-Inclusive Pricing

Paying for a serviced apartment is both easy and convenient. Every month, the fee for the next month can be paid on a credit card by the renter or, in certain cases, by a third party such as an employer.

The fee covers everything, including utility bills. Therefore, the apartment guest never has any unexpected fluctuations in price from month to month. Additionally, the cost absorbs other amenities such as onsite fitness centers, outdoor pools, grounds keeping, general maintenance and 24/7 concierge service and help desk.

Serviced Apartment Benefit #5: Freedom to Live Flexibly and Privately

Freedom and privacy are also advantages to choosing serviced apartments over other types of short-term and long-term housing. Without daily maid service, guests feel more like they are residing in a home atmosphere. The full kitchen easily enables them to cook if they want, or even entertain.

A serviced apartment tends to feel like any other apartment. The only difference is that residents expect to stay for months, not usually years.

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