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How to Plan a Home Renovation

You may love certain aspects of your home, but want to change others. Maybe your house needs to be a little bigger to accommodate your growing family, or you love cooking and want a modern kitchen. Instead of buying a new home, putting an addition on your existing house or renovating the space can provide the changes you need to keep you happy for years to come. We've put together some tips for renovating your house to give you the smoothest experience.

1. Make a Detailed Plan

Unless you are a contractor, someone else will perform most of the work on your home. However, you can get started by taking care of small tasks. For example, about six months to a year before you start, you will need to:

  • Look into local zoning laws to ensure your plan is legal
  • File for a permit, if necessary
  • Start contacting home renovation and contracting companies

Once you find the right company to perform your work, come up with a blueprint of what you want the final design to look like. You need to stay on the same page as your contractor to ensure you both have the same end product in mind.

2. Set Your Budget

You can't set a budget until you talk to your contractor and get an estimate. We recommend getting several so you can compare costs. Research the typical costs of labor and materials so you can identify the reason for the difference in pricing between estimates. While price should not be your only factor in choosing a contractor, it will be a big one. You can always knock items off your project list to bring down the cost, if necessary. It takes about three to six months to complete this step.

3. Hire the Contractor

You should consider several things when making your contractor choice about two months before construction begins, such as:

  • Experience
  • References
  • Payment schedule

Request their insurance certification, too. The contractor should have liability and workers' compensation coverage. Work together to build a timeline of when the renovation will start.

4. Begin Packing

Get the rooms in your home ready for work. You may need to put some furniture into storage or move it into another room. Make plans for eating dinners somewhere else if the renovation includes your kitchen. Keep in mind that it may be easier to stay somewhere else.

Where to Stay During a Home Renovation

When researching how to plan a home renovation, don't forget to find a place to stay. Many people will need to stay somewhere else during a home renovation. Choosing a furnished, move-in ready apartment saves you the hassle of having to get your furniture out of storage. Plus, you won't have to spend as much as you would at a hotel.

When you choose Hilled Land Furnished Apartments, you also get utilities and great amenities, such as state-of-the-art gyms at some of our properties. If you need temporary housing in the Houston area, get in touch with us today by using our convenient contact form.