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Top Things to Ask Your Corporate Housing Provider

When looking for corporate housing, you need to get all the information possible before making a decision. Doing your research before committing to a lease will ensure a satisfactory housing situation for everyone involved. Ask these common corporate housing questions to get the full picture of what you can expect.

How Long Can You Stay in Corporate Housing?

The answer to this question varies depending on the provider. Leases range from monthly to a six-month commitment. This housing offers a solution to employees who relocated or patients needing access to a far off hospital, among other customers. The idea is that they will find permanent housing within the first year. While it could take longer to find the right accommodation, corporate housing is not a long-term solution. Understanding the expectations of the housing provider is key to knowing how long you can stay.

What Are the Rates and What Do They Include?

When asking about the rates for corporate housing, make sure to understand what comes along with it. Check which amenities and utilities you will be able to use. If discounts for longer stays exist, you'll also want to ask about these. Hidden and additional fees could pop up, so ask upfront about what you should expect to pay. Sometimes corporate housing companies will "stack," which means they outsource housing inventory and increase the price. You'll want to avoid stacking by asking about the rates before signing.

What Kind of Service Is Provided?

Hopefully, you will encounter zero problems while living in corporate housing. However, it is important to ask about what to expect service-wise should an issue arise. Some housing companies offer 24-hour maintenance services, while others do not. Knowing who to contact in these cases is another key point to hit. Will you receive a single contact or a list of people who can help? You want to have this data prior to making a commitment so you know before a problem comes up.

Is Insurance Available or Included?

Insurance becomes key when living in corporate housing. Since you don't own the place, you can't brush off a stain on the rug or a broken fixture — you may be responsible for replacing or repairing these things. This accountability is why it's important to ask if a mishap will add to your living expenses. Insurance could provide a safety net for any accidents that happen during your stay.

What Type of Housing Is Offered?

This question gets at a few different topics that you should know before signing a lease. First, it addresses the subject of whether the dwelling is a condominium, an apartment or a house. Listings may describe the housing, but others do not spell out what you will walk into.

Second, corporate housing is sometimes used for nearby universities, so keep in mind that you may find yourself living next to college students. These things are nice to know before moving in and having to find our for yourself. Since it can't hurt to clarify, always ask about the type of housing that interests you.

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