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What to Consider Before Relocating for a Job

Congratulations. The interview process is over and you can finally breathe easy: You've landed the big job. The next step is relocation.

If you are moving because of a new job, there are a few things you need to consider before taking this big step. Here are some expert tips to help during your relocation process.

Get Organized

Whether you're single or moving with your family, there is a lot that needs to be accomplished before your big move. To make sure you address everything that needs to get done create a relocation checklist.

Many of the items on your list will be information you need to learn about your new hometown. It's a great idea to do some research about the city you're moving to so you're able to make informed decisions. This could include:

  • General info about the city and its neighborhoods
  • Cost of living
  • Average housing prices
  • Tax information
  • Insurance premiums
  • Daily driving routes
  • Gas prices
  • Location of schools, churches and extracurricular activities

Use Your Resources

Spending time in your new city ahead of time will help you get to know the place even better. Go to your place of employment and meet some of your new coworkers if possible. They may have helpful information about relocating to their area.

If this is not possible, there are still many resources that can help you during your relocation process. Read local newspapers and blogs focused on your new town, and become familiar with area businesses.

Relocation Assistance Negotiation

Moving can be an expensive venture. Travel expenses, moving truck rentals, storing your household goods, security deposits and temporary housing while you look for a new home may require you to use your savings. After all, it may take a pay period or two for you to receive your first paycheck. Thankfully, some organizations provide relocation assistance or reimbursements for the cost of moving.

Even if your new employer does not have a relocation program in place, they may understand the need to provide assistance with your moving process. Negotiating a relocation package allows you to advocate for what you need. Whether it's a lump sum to spend as you choose or a percentage of your first year's salary, be sure to work this out with your employer ahead of time.

The Benefits of Corporate Housing

If you need a place to live during your relocation transition, then you and your employer should consider making corporate housing costs a part of your work relocation assistance package.

It's the perfect solution for those temporarily moving to a new place. Corporate housing is often cheaper and more comfortable than a hotel. Plus, you don't have to worry about purchasing new furniture or lengthy lease obligations.

Corporate housing is also a great option if your job relocation is permanent. There are many benefits corporate housing has for those relocating to a new city:

  • It allows you to get familiar with the area
  • It gives you time to sell a house in your old location before purchasing a home in your new city
  • It ensures you have a place to stay if you don't have permanent housing lined up by the time you need to relocate
  • If your employer offers relocation housing assistance, corporate housing is less expensive than extended hotel stays

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