What to Do After a Natural Disaster

Beyond being terrifying and life-changing, natural disasters can also be confusing. Families and individuals displaced by natural disasters such as floods, fires and tornadoes must navigate a new reality. Plus, one of their initial concerns involves finding a suitable, comfortable and safe place to temporarily live.

Here is a closer look at what to do if a natural disaster damages your home.

Get in Touch With Your Insurance Carrier and Government Agencies

Immediately after ensuring that everyone, including pets, has weathered the natural disaster, displaced people and family groups should contact their insurance provider. This would be the insurance company covering the rented or owned real estate.

The insurance carrier can help provide a better understanding of how to offset the cost of temporary housing at a place like a serviced apartment. Some plans will pay the apartment provider directly, while others reimburse after the fact.

Families may also want to contact government agencies assisting with the natural disaster situation. Many government agencies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provide money that displaced people can use to cover temporary stays at safe locations.

Give Your Mortgage Provider a Heads Up

Financial institutions covering the mortgage for a property that has become unlivable due to a natural disaster will still expect their monthly payments. However, displaced homeowners may not be able to cover those expenses fully, particularly if they are waiting for lodging reimbursement money and other funds.

Mortgage providers may be willing to reduce payments or even suspend them for a month or two. They may also waive recurring late fees related to the natural disaster. The main caveat to these possibilities is that mortgage holders need to take the initiative and make a phone call before any payments have been missed.

Find Adequate Temporary Shelter for Every Member of the Family

Serviced apartments, sometimes called furnished apartments or corporate housing, can help remove the sting of when a natural disaster hits your home. These apartments differ from hotel layouts because they provide all the comforts of home. From high-quality furniture and in-apartment laundry facilities to a gourmet kitchen and tech-equipped rooms, the apartments are outfitted to be move-in ready.

What about those furry, four-legged companions who have been displaced? Many serviced apartments make allowances for your pets. Be sure to ask in advance when calling around to find the best serviced apartment option.

Contact Hilled Land to Move Forward After a Natural Disaster

As a premier provider of temporary housing for people and their families displaced by natural disasters, Hilled Land remains committed to offering security and luxury without compromise.

All Hilled Land properties around Houston, TX are exceptionally maintained. With amenities including onsite fitness centers and pools, our serviced apartments turn the idea of living in temporary housing into an opportunity to recover after the challenge of a natural disaster.

If you or your family need a place to stay for a month or longer after a natural disaster, call Hilled Land at 800-314-7018. You can also contact us online by completing our form.