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What's Included in Corporate Monthly Rentals?

In our fast-paced economy, business professionals frequently travel. Though overnight stays have become commonplace, so are short-term and long-term temporary stops in cities like Houston and The Woodlands, TX. In fact, anyone from a C-suite executive to an academic intern can find themselves in need of a place to stay for a month, several months or more than a year.

Rather than trying to live out of a leased property with limited amenities or a busy, noisy hotel, plenty of discerning corporate travelers have discovered the unique benefits of staying at a corporate monthly rental. After all, corporate monthly rental establishments are constructed and maintained to provide as-needed housing with all the advantages of a home.

What's included in a typical corporate monthly rental? Here is a list of some of the key attributes and accompanying amenities that make this type of accommodation so valuable and desired.

Move-In Ready Furnishings With Core Comforts

A corporate monthly rental, sometimes referred to as a serviced apartment, is outfitted like a move-in ready house. Instead of merely offering a bed, nightstand, bureau, desk, chair and other utilitarian furniture, the rental comes equipped with all the so-called "creature comforts." This creates an immediate welcoming ambiance that puts travelers at ease.

For instance, the kitchen contains not just a stove and refrigerator, but all the attractive, quality cookware, utensils, crockery, pots, pans, dishes, cups, plates and associated items needed for day-to-day living. Even cookie sheets have been added for bakers who would rather treat themselves to homemade sweets at the end of a long day.

Similarly, each corporate monthly rental features a laundry area with full-size appliances, as well as an iron and ironing board. These small luxuries add up, especially for renters who just want a calm, pleasant space to relax and recharge.

High-Technology at Every Turn, Including Security-Related Considerations

The world has moved to high technology. So, too, have the amenities for upscale corporate monthly rentals at places like Hilled Land. As a result, every corporate monthly rental includes technologically advanced amenities such as high-speed Internet, televisions and outlets to support the latest gadgets and devices.

In addition to technology in the rental itself, the beautiful apartment buildings use advanced methods to provide exceptional security. No one can put too high of a price on complete peace of mind.

Serviced Apartment Living for Incredible Convenience

A final corporate monthly rental amenity that visitors appreciate is consistent service throughout their stay. Having someone change the linens and handle light housework takes a huge responsibility off a traveler's plate. What could be simpler than coming home to a clean, fresh-smelling rental?

Contact Hilled Land for Corporate Monthly Rentals

Without a doubt, corporate monthly rentals have a competitive edge on other types of temporary housing possibilities. From the seen to the unseen amenities, they offer exactly what any corporate guest requires to live comfortably for a month, a year or even longer.

If you would like to learn more about corporate monthly rentals in the Houston area, please contact Hilled Land at 800-314-7018 or fill out our contact form.