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Who Is Corporate Housing For?

Corporate housing is meant for anyone who wants to enjoy the comfort of a spacious, well-furnished and fully equipped apartment at a lower cost than renting a hotel room. It’s ideal for anyone staying away from home for at least one month. If you've never used corporate housing, you may be asking, "Who uses corporate housing" or, "How does corporate housing work?"

Corporate housing is different from an extended stay hotel because it offers hotel facilities in an environment that’s typical of a normal residential neighborhood — a home away from home. Let’s briefly highlight the categories of people who will enjoy the main benefits of living in a corporate housing environment.

Traveling Workers From the U.S. and Overseas

Professionals like engineers, traveling nurses, oil workers and people on business trips lasting longer than one month will appreciate the comfort and convenience of living in a corporate housing apartment. In fact, corporate housing became popular when engineers, the military and other professionals involved in the space program moved to California in the 1960s.

Interns and Employees in Short-term Training

Interns who need to move to a new location to undergo training for a few months can enjoy fully furnished housing that has housewares and housekeeping services. Companies that need to find accommodation for many interns (sometimes up to 30 or more) should opt for corporate housing.

Families In-between Houses

Families can't always plan to move from one house to another with no time in-between. Corporate housing is a great option for individuals who had sold their house before they purchased a new home or are currently building a house that's not done on schedule. For the days or months in-between moving into their new home, families will feel comfortable in Hilled Land's accommodations close to parks, schools, shopping centers and more.

Other people may have recently moved to Texas, and still don't know the best neighborhoods or schools. They don't need to settle on a home that isn't perfect when corporate housing provides the perfect interim solution. Our furnished apartments offer a comfortable stay while searching for a dream home.

Sometimes people find themselves in a situation where they need to leave their old home and find a new one quickly. Maybe they're going through a divorce and haven't yet decided their new living situation. Hilled Land offers a safe and convenient place to land while offering all the comforts of home.

Home Renovations

Many times, the perfect home is attainable but it requires some major renovations. However, families cannot live in a construction zone for months while waiting for the home to get finished. Similarly, a home could have sustained damage because of weather or fire. Hilled Land works closely with insurance companies to make sure you have a place to stay until the repairs can be completed. We offer comfortable living arrangements whether a family needs it for 30 days or a full year.

Patients Receiving Treatment Nearby

Temporary housing is an excellent solution for families of patients who need to stay for a lengthy medical or surgical treatment. All the family members and the patient can benefit from living in a temporary housing apartment that’s fully furnished with a standard-sized kitchen.

Staying in temporary housing is less expensive than booking a hotel suite large enough to accommodate the family for more than 30 days. The family will save a substantial amount of money on dining costs because the kitchen is equipped with all necessary cookware such as pots and pans, plates, cooking utensils, coffee maker, cooking surface and refrigerator.

At Hilled Land Furnished Apartments, we have corporate housing apartments that provide comfortable, spacious and attractive housing for patients and families receiving treatment at health care facilities like Houston Medical Center or University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Learn More About Corporate Housing

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