Short-Term Apartments in Cypress, TX

Are you coming to Cypress, Texas, on business and need a place to stay? Hotels get expensive, and they have limited space. Instead of feeling crowded in a hotel room, consider renting corporate housing that will give you all the room you need at a price you can appreciate.

We provide furnished apartments that include the amenities you desire for a successful stay. Whether you require housing for 30 days or a year, we have apartments you can move into right away that even have space for you to work. Our large, comfortable spaces will make you feel at home during your stay. It's so much easier to be away when you have a place you can enjoy and call your own.

You get more than a hotel for less when you choose Hilled Land Furnished Apartments. Learn more about our properties and why they're a good deal for business travelers looking for a long-term solution to their housing needs.

The Benefits of Using Corporate Housing in Cypress

Using temporary housing instead of staying at a hotel offers a range of benefits:

  • You can cook meals in our spacious, fully equipped kitchen complete with pots and pans.
  • You can dine in the living room instead of sitting on a bed to eat something prepared in the microwave.
  • You pay less than you would at a hotel.
  • You get laundry appliances in the apartment instead of having to find a laundromat.

When you stay with us, you receive all your utilities as part of the package, including cable and wireless internet. Like hotels, we offer linens, so you don't have to bring them with you. Our entertainment options include a 42-inch TV in the living room and a 32-inch TV in the bedroom. You can also check out the rest of the amenities we offer at our facilities, which may include a pool, movie theater and state-of-the-art fitness center.

We provide you with pictures of the exact apartment where you will stay in advance of your arrival. You won't get any surprises when you walk through the door. We can assist you with any questions you have, too.

About Cypress, TX

Cypress is a suburb of Houston, located in Harris County. Once a largely rural area, it has seen rapid development since the 1990s and now has a booming population of more than 150,000. Manufacturing and retail are the two biggest industries.

The median income in Cypress is well above the national average at just over $109,500. Lone Star College is located in town, and the Cypress Historical Society, a local nonprofit, hosts many cultural events throughout the year.

Do You Need Corporate Housing in Cypress?

Get in touch with Hilled Land today to get more information. You can fill out our convenient online contact form or call 800-314-7018 to reserve your temporary housing in Cypress, TX. Work with our team today to get your space ready for your move while spending less than you would at a hotel.